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Get to Know Anna Victoria

Get to Know Anna Victoria

Hi ladies, I’m Anna Victoria! I’ve been helping thousands of women around the world change their lives through their fitness journeys since 2015. My program will not only guide you through transforming your body physically, but I will help you do so while still enjoying life!


SHRED is designed for ultimate fat loss and only uses body weight based exercises, so no equipment is required. TONE is designed for both fat loss and toning muscle, and only dumbbells are required. SCULPT is designed primarily for gaining strength and lifting weights, and a gym membership is required.

Fit Body Trainer Anna Victoria

GROW + GLOW is my trimester specific, low impact, pregnancy program, that’s designed to keep you active and help you prepare for the birth of your new baby. (Please make sure you get clearance to work out from your doctor before starting this program!)

Your mental and emotional well-being are just as important as your physical transformation on this journey. I’m going to show you how to prioritize your physical well-being while still enjoying life, enjoying food, and getting the results you want.


Join me in the Fit Body app and see how fueling, nourishing, and challenging your body will give you the strength and confidence you have always deserved!


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