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Get to Know Nicci Robinson

Get to Know Nicci Robinson

I’m Nicci Robinson and fitness has shown me how far I can push myself. Before I started a fitness regimen, I was insecure and always put a glass ceiling above my head.


Pushing outside of my comfort zone physically has translated to all other areas of life. My strength physically and mentally has increased. I no longer put limits on myself, but set goals that seem impossible. That is what drives me day to day.

Fit Body Trainer Nicci Robinson

My STRONG program is created for ultimate body transformation. It is designed to burn fat while building lean muscle. It heavily incorporates gym equipment for maximum resistance training to help tone, shape, and build. This program is not designed to be easy, it’s designed to change you.

I don’t just want to help shape your body; I want to help shape your life. The power of physical fitness is transformational from the inside out. By helping you incorporate a fitness regimen, I want to show you that you can change your life and gain the strength and power you desire. It is possible! You are only as powerful as the day you make up your mind to change.

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