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Best is every aspect!

Vitalura's whey is delicious, mixes so smoothly, doesn't upset my IBS or cause bloat, and is made with simple, healthy ingredients all of which is certified NSF! I am hooked and buy monthly!

Plant Based Protein
Not just the best "plant based" protein, the best PROTEIN

All the hype is true. This is the best. Fast absorbing, clean, easy.

Plant Based Protein
Elizabeth BatutBatut
The absolute best!

This is by far the best protein I have ever tried and will only ever purchase. The flavor is amazing and the ingredients are simple and clean. Love!

Best Whey Protein Out There!

I have been using PEScience vegan protein powder for a while now and decided to switch to grass fed whey after having bloating/ GI upset. After researching, I decided to make the switch to grass fed whey protein from Vitalura Labs. I chose this company based on the clean ingredients, being grass fed whey instead of just whey, and due to being NSF certified. This protein powder has exceeded my expectations! I no longer suffer from bloating/ GI upset and truly enjoy the flavor of the protein. I can not wait for it to be available for a subscription to receive monthly! I am excited to watch this company grow and see what other great products they will continue to come out with.

Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate

So Good!!

I love this protein powder! It tastes amazing and I look forward to my shake everyday. The plant based is great but the Whey is incredible!

Protein I actually look forward to drinking

This protein is so good! I enjoy finding new recipes to make in smoothies for the weekend, but typically just have with water during the week after my workouts. Lately, I’ve had to wait until after my daughters go to bed because they’re always wanting gulps of my shake… and I’m sick of sharing. Looking forward to more flavors in the future!

Amazing Protein Powder

I have tried many protein powders over the years and this, by far, is the best one yet! I love that the ingredients are so clean and that it's 3rd party tested. I look forward to drinking this every day!!

Plant Based Protein
Michelle Calvert
Best Plant-Based Protein!

I don’t have enough good things to say about the plant-based protein. The chocolate is smooth enough to drink with water only, and the flavor is genuinely tasty. My husband even loves it! It is worth every penny, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate

Best protein powder

I'm seriously impressed with the chocolate gelato protein powder! It tastes delicious and there are no clumps at all. I'm definitely going to keep buying it and try the vanilla gelato one as well. Thank you for creating such an amazing product!

Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate

Absolutely delicious

Plant Based Protein
Angela Blom
Exactly what I was looking for!

This is the best plant based protein powder ever! I’ve been using planet based for over 6 years and nothing compares to the taste and quality to this product . Super grateful to find it and know that the flavors are actually tasty!

The absolute best!

I don’t normally do recipes with my protein, I prefer it straight with water and this one tastes the absolute best and is so smooth. Plus, it’s 25g of protein for one scoop! Highly recommend to those trying to reach their protein goals without sacrificing flavor in their protein powder. Never going back to any other protein powder, can’t wait for more flavors to come!


I've tried your plant based and grass fed whey. I prefer the whey. The flavors are delicious and I love the fact that I don't have to think twice about the quality of the ingredients. I truly believe in you and your products.

Taste amazing

Best Whey protein that doesn't mess with my stomach!

Plant Based Protein
Kathryn Cheever
Best ever tasted!

Protein is so good I have only tried the vanilla but it’s the best I’ve ever tasted! And worth the price. It’s definitely helped in getting my protein intake on track

Plant Based Protein
Teresa Montoya
Why did I wait!?

Oh my goodness! I suffer from IBS, and absolutely hate the taste and texture of plant based protein....until now! I'm ordering my 2nd order today. I love the taste, texture but most importantly how great my tummy feels. I feel full with absolutely zero bloating!

Love the matte colors!

I’ll purchase anything that Anna and Luca come out with because I support their passion for health and fitness!

Best Whey Protein!

This is definitely the best whey protein I’ve ever had! It’s super smooth and tastes just like Ovaltine (I used to love Ovaltine as a kid!). Even with just water it still tastes amazing!

Amazing protein!

I thought the plant based chocolate was amazing, but this is next level! It makes for a very smooth and creamy post workout shake. I am ready to try the vanilla next!

5 Star Review

I ordered the chocolate gelato whey protein and I think it’s one of the best protein drinks I’ve had! It has great flavor with no after-taste left in my mouth.
I usually mix it with water and I’ll throw a banana in there. So, so good!
Thank you!


Great taste and blend-ability!tastes great on its own with water/almond milk or mixed in s smoothie. And 25 grams of protein! So glad I found THE ONE!! Can’t wait to try other flavors.

Perfect Shaker!!

Love the stainless steal shaker! It keeps my protein shakes cold and mixed so well. Super easy to clean too!

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