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Vitalura Labs Plant-Based Protein Guide


Vitalura Labs Plant-Based Protein Guide

Nutrition plays just as much of a role in our health and fitness journeys as our workouts do, so it is important to make sure you are fueling your body in a way that supports your goals!

Consider the Vitalura Labs Plant-Based Protein Guide your ultimate guide for learning how much protein you actually need to fuel your workouts and busy days; for sourcing your complete plant-based needs; and all the yummy tips and recipes to motivate and inspire you to keep fueling your body!

  • What to look for in a plant-based protein

  • Plant-based protein misconceptions

  • Over 25 plant-based sources of complete protein

  • Pre- and post-workout nutrition tips

  • Delicious, plant-based recipes

  • Sample daily menu

  • Protein portions for your goal weight and activity level

Created by Anna Victoria, NASM-Certified Fitness Trainers, and Registered Dietitian Kylie Morse, RD.

This is a digital download ebook. You will not receive a hard copy.

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